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Skin Treatments

A Little Bit About DMK

DMK has paramedical skin procedures designed for clients who want results. We can treat several skin conditions and concerns with our DMK concept, REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN. DMK acknowledges the demand for superior aesthetic results and the method of natural pharmacology. This range offers an elite skin revision concept, focusing on client care.

DMK Skin Revision

 Let a paramedically trained skin therapist take care of you above and beyond your expectations with a customized skin treatment to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin. At Before 'n' After Beauty Bar, a balance between professional clinic treatments and at home maintenance is encouraged to ensure you achieve a dramatic result and improve your skin health. These elite skin revision procedures are for those who want results. Specific treatments are available for acne, enlarged pores, pigmentation, rosacea, scarring, milia, sun damage, wrinkles, pre-mature aging and fragile capillaries.

Upon Arrival

On your first appointment, a professional consultation will be held to establish your main concerns and expectations. This will ensure a designed treatment program as well as home care and recommendations  that is ideal for you skin. 

  • We kindly ask for clients to arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment
  • Before 'n' After Beauty Bar is unable to accommodate any clinical treatments without a prior skin consultation

All Skin Treatments do require a $50 deposit to ensure your appointment & will be deducted off treatment price.

Brows & Lashes


Microblading only! Please note after initial treatment the first touch up is required after 4-6 weeks, otherwise a fee will be applied. A $50 non-refundable deposit will be taken in order to secure your appointment.


Before booking for a lash refill, please ensure that you have approximately 40% of your eyelash extensions left otherwise it will be considered a new set.

Teeth Whitening

Fast & Painless

A simple, fast & painless procedure helping you get the white smile you’ve always wanted. A 45-minute treatment (single session) typically yields an improvement of 2-4 shades. A double treatment 4-8 shades of improvement! The more treatments a person does, the whiter their teeth get. For more information, please call or email us at your convenience. 

Treatment Time: 1hr 

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